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What Should I Expect?
3/16/2016, From Kevin G. Nunn

Protospiel events are big game design parties.  Most of the attendees are authors, carrying work that varies in completion from “heading to the printer” to “thought of it this morning.” Playtesters–people who attend to play and nothing else–will be milling about.  Publishers will be scouting for the jewels among the mass.  No matter what your role, everyone will be playing a variety of games, offering feedback, impressions, and suggestions.

Successful playtesting comes in three parts–good preparation, good execution, and good resolution.  Here are detailed looks at each part.


Good Preparation

Good Execution

Good Resolution

gears up

Started in 2001 by game designers Stephen Glenn, Dominic Crapuchettes, and Mike Petty, Protospiel is an annual get-together of amateur and established game designers to test and promote nearly-finished game prototypes.  In 2014, Houston gained its own Protospiel Event.

North America has an active and sprawling design community.  Protospiel Houston is your best chance at face-to-face collaboration with some of the most energetic designers in the world!

The atmosphere is casual, yet everyone is serious about making great games.

March 24-26, 2017


Event Schedule Posted

Protospiel-Houston's schedule of events has been posted.  Be sure to check it out.


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